We operate on the principles of ISO 9001:2008 thereby creating a system of management to control quality at every stage of production.

Training is provided to all sections of people working with us. Thereby our staff and working labor are able to handle day-to-day problems and situations very effectively.

We effectively control wastage of material at every stage of production.

Our supervisors and managerial staff are well qualified and trained in their area of operation.

Our semi-skilled checkers and packers are given effective training in their respective work.


We specialize in making co-ordinated collections for every season keeping in mind the current trends and forecasts. We employ national and international textile designers to create new designs and concepts. We also have an in-house design team to work with new designs and also make alterations to existing designs as per customers’ requirements.

We use both hand embroidery and machine embroidery in our collections. Small embroidery motifs on cushions and also on placemats, napkins and kitchen articles are the most selling. These embroideries add value to the product.

Value additions
We make interesting value additions to products by creating attractive attachments to our products like lace attachments, border attachments, etc. We also make sequence work, bead work, button attachments, tassel attachments, fringe attachments, etc to enhance the value of the final product.

We also make fire retardant products used in ships, trains etc. as per customers’ requirements and we meet out the stringent test requirements as per the law regulations in the buyers country or area. We make coatings for tablecloths like acrylic coating, to cater to buyers specific requirements.




Dev International

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